Alright honeys let me set the scene:

It’s Sunday morning. Your head is pounding. The room is spinning. All you remember of the night before is blurry, flashing lights and black gaps of the nights events. You check your clutch and you realise you spent all your dollar bills on doubles, taxis and some questionable meat you devoured instantly. However, you still have your ‘Velvet Teddy’, keys and phone. THE DREADED PHONE.

You check every source of messaging possible and then the regret sets into your cheeks, burning them. You sent intoxicated messages to HIM. Of course you have, you do this EVERY TIME. There comes the Titanic sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when the read receipts are shown.

dont let this....gif


The messages start off as a simple ‘hey how you doing’ which results in pure silence from his end. So you send another saying you miss him. Then, when you get ignored AGAIN you get aggressive. You get mad. Being ignored hurts your pride. It really sucks when someone has the audacity to point blank ignore you, whether that be a guy, friends, family etc. But when you send 7357 messages of very mixed emotions, you need to save-face.

‘I was drunk’

‘My friends stole my phone’

‘I am so sorry’

Or you just ignore it, pretend it never happened and hope he never EVER replies.

Resisting the urge to drunk text is hard because all those shots have overcome you and you have him stuck on your mind. Don’t let yourself be vulnerable. Delete all his old texts and calls so his number isn’t easily accessible, block him on social media and get your friend to save his number under a different name without you knowing it so drunk you struggles to find it! It works, trust me. Boys expect you to text them soon after the end has come and they will lap it up and take you for a ride when you do cave. When you don’t text them they think SHIT! I have lost her and either text you first or become the vulnerable person you feel after being ignored. You really do not need him in your life. Why waste time on someone who clearly isn’t interested. Keep your head clear and look at that end goal. A MAN who loves you and wants to have a conversation. boy bye

Words of advice:

Never be that girl that has to point out to him that he doesn’t text or call you. If he wants you, he will come get you. Bombarding him with messages of love and abuse will just make him despise you and probably block you. If he is taking hours to reply to you but is active elsewhere then he isn’t into you. Amazing infrequent sex, late night calls and inconsistency is for the weak ass bitches. And if you find you are at home waiting for him to text, crying because he doesn’t take you out like a gf and bf would do and ignoring the REAL men for a fuckboy, fix that crown queen, put the phone down and go get busy.

Wake up fresh tomorrow morning knowing you didn’t add drunken embarrassing drama into your life. DON’T LET THIS BE YOU.



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