You honestly would not believe the stuff us girls google. I gathered some information and have put it all in one place. I did this to make me (and you now) feel better because some of the stuff I have googled is beyond strange and I am glad to know other girls have done the same, if not weirder.

 If you are a girl and haven’t googled these things then you are a liar.

Is it ok for your boyfriend to like girls pictures on social media? Sometimes we just want reassurance that it is ok to be mad that your hunny is showing girls attention…

How do men deal with breakups? Some men don’t seem to show emotion after they break up with you, they ghost you, spread rumours, laugh at you and the worst of all: REFUSE TO BITE WHEN YOU WANT TO ARGUE WITH THEM.

*Googling urban dictionary and typing in all the weird street words you have heard so you can be cool and start using them too.’

What happens if you can’t get over a girl your boyfriend has slept with? 

How to shave your vagina so it is as smooth as a baby dolphin. This is so we don’t have to go through the pain of a wax but never end up with that super silky smooth fairy.

Why do I have small boobs? Just checking that it’s a norm…

Should I be angry that he accepted a friend request off a girl? Again you just want to know if you are being OTT or not.


Are my nipples a normal size? 

Is my boyfriend cheating on me? (I know google is meant to know a lot but not everything)

How to get perky boobs. You just get told to wear bras and exercise. But we don’t like either???? I remember as a teen I asked google how to get bigger boobs and wikihow said ‘rub mayonnaise on breasts.’ That was how I knew google was a liar.

The grapefruit technique. If you don’t know get to know.

Is it normal for your boyfriend to ignore you when he goes out? Yes because he is out socialising leave him be honey.

How to hack his phone. Such normal behaviour this…

How to tell if a guy likes you? This is due to some men playing hard to get and not displaying their feelings when needed. It is frustrating to be fair but google can either get your hopes up or crush them.

How to make him fall in love with me. DESPERATE TIMES

Best way to get rid of spots? It is so hard having oily, spot prone skin waaaaah!

*Googles own name* End up seeing pictures of yourself from social media and thinking ‘wow I am known.’

How much are boob jobs?  This and other boob job questions are a daily thing for me haha so sad.

Forehead reduction. Does it exist and where to get it!! I have a tiny forehead but want a bigger one?? Can I get a forehead extension or?

Am I pregnant? And according to google I am pregnant, I have Alien hand syndrome and I have a week to live.

How to cut my own hair? Because girl is on a tight, tight budget.

How to make money off your feet?

Sugar daddies.

The stuff I googled when I was a teen was a joke! I was so clueless bless me yet again the stuff I google now isn’t the greatest. I used to google about womanly things, how to know if he likes you, how to first kiss someone and basically any other ‘firsts’ lol. 

Let me know if you have googled anything strange but relatable!


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