Yes.. the hot topic of every summer for that last few years. You either love it or hate it.

When I first heard of the show, I thought HA! What a waste of time, they are all just faking it to win that £50k prize or to to become famous and get that charcoal teeth whitening Insta ad. I felt like the only one who wasn’t watching the show, so I gave it a shot last year. OMG I LOVED IT. It was like my friends and mines entire dating/love lives crammed into 7 weeks. SO much drama and gossip which every one can relate too. Now here I am writing a critique on the show..

This years Love Island just hasn’t been as good (personal opinion). The people are dull, they all seem like they have a game, there aren’t any genuine connections. It is just NAFF. They all seem to be bland copies of ex contestants and Caroline Flack needs to do one with that annoying LFW walk which Rosie has now adopted too. Don’t know who they think they are.

Jack, Dani. Okay, so they are cute. Jack is hilarious and Dani is that geeky, pretty, girl who is funny without realising. They are most likely going to win. BUT the whole Jack knowing who Dani was beforehand makes me think they aren’t genuine.

GIF by Love Island
SEE geeky!

Eyal, Megan. Are they even in the villa? MOST DEAD COUPLE. They don’t speak to each other! Megan just stares into space trying to ignore ‘zen’ Eyal, who speaks like a total mongo. I am glad they are a boring couple as hearing him speak constantly would drain me. His voice alongside Hayley’s was like fingernails to a blackboard to me. 

Alex, Ellie. The girl seems lovely but she knows poor rejected Alex is the favourite and a ‘nation sweetheart’ so is she playing a game there?? I don’t think Alex should get the sympathy vote and deserves to find the RIGHT girl who wants him for him and not popularity. He is an intelligent young doctor with. bright future ahead of him and all the girls go for slime ball Adam who doesn’t know how to treat a girl. 

Adam, Rosie, Zara. THIS LOVE TRIANGLE IS THE ONLY REASON I AM STILL WATCHING. Finally the show is stepping up to my dramatic standards. Adam is the typical male I stay away from. Slimey, convinced he is the most gorgeous man to ever exist, a pig, always goes for the wrong option and will most likely cheat. He is obviously in there to cause as much drama as possible to get his name out there on the headlines and to get people to click on his business link in his Insta bio. As horrible as he is, I don’t want him to go because then we are stuck with all these boring couples who are trying to be all nice nice to get to the triangle hearts GIF by Visual Num Nums

Rosie, bravo! She stood her ground and told him the truth. I don’t know how she didn’t stand slap him when she was going in on him and all he did was produce an ugly smirk. Men like that make me sick. Just speak to each other instead of turning the situation around on the girl and making them out to be the crazy one for feeling disrespected.

I don’t have much to say about Zara. She came in billy big balls, claiming she didn’t care about stepping on anyones toes and ends up crying because she took a man from another girl (fair enough that is what the game is) and felt hated.

Samira. I do not get why the other girls aren’t supportive towards Samira when a new guy comes in. The boys constantly push Alex and help him out loads, setting plans in place to distract a boy whilst Alex goes and chats the girl up etc. Samira is lovely, she is funny and she deserves the right guy to come in and fancy her. I hope she gets her chance because I would actually be sad if she left!

Wes, Laura. Why did they even think they would work? She is a woman and he is a boy. I am only a year older than Wes and even I wouldn’t date him. Young boys are immature and him and Laura just don’t mesh well. She needs someone closer to her age. He will be off partying in Ibiza with the lads while she is at a tea party with the grannies. It is clear they have stayed together because they think that is how they will win the show and all that crap.

Georgia, Josh. That attention seeking… Georgia really grinds my gears. She is young and immature and wants all eyes on her. All she wants is camera time, not love. She is gorgeous don’t get me wrong but she is super annoying. She is having more fun than most but does need to tone it down a bit. “lets play dares” everyone says no “ok lets play dare Georgia then” no just give up! As for Josh, who even is he? I feel like he has barely been on screen and him and Georgia as just together for the sake of it. There aren’t any genuine connections.

Where is the sex? Where are the arguments and falling outs? I know it is still early days but by now people are at each others throats stealing each others partners. We need that Kem and Amber drama. I ALSO PRAY ONE OF THEM ACTS GENUINE AND THEN STEALS THE MONEY. THE DRAMA WITHIN THAT HOLY!!! (I am evil I know but I clearly know what makes good tv).

love island position GIF by ITV2


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