Oh Dear, Oh Year

With just over a week left of this year, I think a reflection of 2017 is necessary. It has been a funny old year for me. A good year in fact!

This time last year I was in such a low point. I had a good year in a way but that was because it as fueled by alcohol every day and I had no money to my name. I was that person who moaned they had no money but managed to be out drinking every weekend, or in my situation.. every night. It was grim. I think I partied too much because now I don’t drink. (my bank account and liver is happy about that)

BUT I have finally found my feet!!

2016 continued to be rocky through into the start of this year. I felt lonely af, I lost relationships with people, it was just BLERGH.


I got a job and found myself making decent money. Which meant I could stop being a miserable cow and enjoy myself and start saving.

I found myself a decent boyfriend who is not allowed to leave me ever! Treats me like the Queen I am and is super nice. So yeah HAPPY SAVVY. Enough of the soppy chatter, you guys who read my blogs know that I don’t publicly announce my soppy side. Ew.

After years of debating a move to Cardiff, I finally plucked up the courage and got myself a place like the independent girl I am. This time last year I could barely afford a bus fare because university ruined me but now I pay all my bills, I’m comfortable and well.. I am an adult at last!


What an amazing experience which I will be doing again. The sun and the clubs and the acts and Djs just ahhhh!!! Ibiza 2018? Feeling it.. It was insane seeing so many people off their heads. Some girl was so out of it she was swinging off a lampost and grinding on it with her eyes shut. Like you ok hun? Being able to walk about the streets in swimwear and partying all day and night is what my life should be like every day. I was glowing! Not to blow my own trumpet like but I strutted those streets like I was Rihanna. LOL shutup.

giphy (7).gif

I turned 21.

I GRADUATED!!! Who would have thought it? Spent the last 3 years wanting to drop out, hating everything about it and now I have a degree and I am even contemplating going back to do a masters in play therapy in a few years. I must be crazy.

Career: Currently working in a primary school as a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant. This is working 1:1 with a child who needs extra support. I literally love my job and would not change it for the world! It is so rewarding and my heart melts every day. Also means I get decent time of work and enjoy a break. The perks of working in a school.

However, moving out of your hometown does have it’s disadvantages. I MISS MY FRIENDS SO EFFIN MUCH! I just want a good old gossip and laugh with a wine and a chinese with my girls. The odd night out. The catch ups over coffee. I have like 2 friends in Cardiff but being so busy with my 2 jobs, I barely have the time to socialise.

OH and my dog how I miss my fluffy old ball. I wish I could have him with me for company.

I am buzzing to be going back to Devon after Christmas for a while to see all my princesses!

Despite of all that I have had a jolly good year and can’t wait for the next. (ergh such a cliché)

Overall I think I can rate this year a *drum roll please*

giphy (6).gif


Stay tuned through out the year to find out how 2018 goes :)))))


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