It’s either obsess or progress…

You know what I have realised…

I have spoken previously about my old crazy ways.

Only to now realise I wasn’t even THAT crazy.

Ok, I was level 1 pushing level 2 crazy but there are people out there that are next level, outta this world CRAZY!!!!

I’m seeing girls publicly announcing they keyed their not-even-an-ex-just-dated-for-a-months car all because they didn’t see a future with her. I’m seeing lads threatening to expose ‘sex tapes’ and ‘nudes.’ Ok have fun dealing with the police because if you do, it’s classed as REVENGE PORN. DON’T DO IT.

Why argue with someone who doesn’t love you anymore? Why bully? Why create more issues for yourself when you are already in so much pain?

I totally understand you would be hurt if you were to be rejected because the time wasn’t right or they did not think you were the one or if you were cheated or felt mugged off or whatever the reason. But please try to always come out of the other end the better person. Be a human not a monster.

It is hard but you need to just accept that the hurt has struck you and penetrated deep within. People act in ridiculous ways when they are hurting but getting revenge in what ever way you see fit is not the way forward. To move forward you need to have that cry, that one rant to the person who caused this misery, then cut all contact. While you hurt from the breakup or from being cheated on, you are only causing yourself more hurt by proceeding to message them and obsess over them and the situation. You will be ignored which will rile you even more, you will continue to find out new information that slices at your heart progressively, breaking you down into someone you never thought you would be.

Just remember if you announce your dramas to society, you are opening the doors to the public; for them to comment on your situation; to intrude; to stir the pot and most obviously you are allowing them to encourage your crazy acts and you become the local fool.

  • Do not allow the social media stalking to take over your life.
  • Do not hack accounts (been there done that, you are basically shooting yourself in the foot even if you only find they are fbook friends with that one slug you hate) and DO NOT use what ever you find as blackmail.
  • Stop messaging them.
  • Put them keys down girl.
  • Why would you even throw a kettle at them?!
  • Their mum does not care enough to hear you slate her child into the ground. They didn’t treat you bad enough for her to take your side.

Making out I am some saint as I have previously let my gut instincts (which were accurate) take over my way of thinking but I should have just walked. All part of the learning process which I completed over the last year and a bit and now it is your turn.

Nothing sadder seeing 20+ year olds losing who they are over an unhealthy relationship.

Why obsess when you can progress??



  1. YAAAAS SAV! Loving this! although I’ve had my share of crazy moments but we all live and learn ey. Looking forward to your next post (see you at Sarahs!)


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