0 Fucks Given

To proceed from my last post…

Fucks are given everywhere. Most of you just gave a fuck that you give fucks which lead you to this blog post because you want to know how to stop giving fucks, right?  (I hope that just span you out).

giphy (1).gif

You there with the low self esteem. Unbeknownst to you, those fucks you give are the ones holding you back from being you. Giving too many fucks is a silent killer. Lessen them and you will live happier and healthier. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish really as it’s a natural instinct but you have it in you to become more confident within yourself.

It’s only been over the last year that I stopped giving a fuck about some things. Why? Because I realised that it’s MY life to give or to not give a fuck about. The key to success in this is that you need to realise it sooner rather than later but you do not want to fall too deep in to it else you will end up not giving a fuck about your job or family or friends and you will become a hermit that does nothing every night because you just don’t care.

People are always going to judge you no matter what your actions. No amount of coercion giphy (2).gifor tending to their interests will help. You just have to remember that you do not need every one to like you. Some people are beggy little shits who have this massive aim in life to get every one to be on their side and be loved. This is more on the social media side though. If they were to meet each other in real life, there probably would not be any love there, rather just a mutual smile they will share and no words. What happens when someone doesn’t like you? Nothing. You are still alive and well, the world is still spinning and there is still plenty of people who will like you for you.

It is not even a requirement to stop caring for something just because you want to be perceived in a certain light. Just do it for you.

The things I stopped caring about that you should do too which will declutter your life:

Aiming for a relationship. 

Not getting texts back. 

Toxic friends.

Holding grudges. 

Writing blogs. 

giphy (5).gif
Compliment or fuck off then.

I do not need to justify those reasons either. The things I post yes, are personal to me but relatable. I would never write about my current situations where others are involved. Only past experiences are laid out and turned in to things I have learnt from. Ask yourself why you are so concerned about what I write because it seriously is not that deep. I will never stop doing what I am passionate about.

giphy (4).gif
When I tell people I blog…

Being surrounded by people. 

Being right all the time.

You drink/go out too much.

Since decluttering my life of all those fucks I gave, I found myself becoming more self-assured, felt very serene and have a better outlook on life.

Do what you love and love what you do.



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