Eurgh, I Hate You.




Your voice agitates me. Your laugh grinds me. Your face repulses me. Even your breathing. Yeah just fuck off from my space now humans.

Misanthropy: a dislike of human kind.

Why are people so annoying? I am really not a people person. I go to sleep every night and think about some of the puerile and idiotic actions that some people carried out that day. Like, you cannot be serious. How can some people lack so much common sense? Was it just snatched from you as a child? Did you struggle to grasp the concept of independence? 

I get stressed when people ask me how to do a simple task. Like setting up an account with a website. For the love of cheese, there is a big button saying ‘Create Account’ which comes with the worlds simplest instructions! It is just laziness. It seems to be a trend within this generation and I am so glad I am not as lazy as that to make me fall into the ‘needs help 24 hours, 7 days a week’ category.

200 (4).gif

Reasons I probably hate you:

You are petty. I really hate petty people… Unless you are myself or one of my pals, then being petty is allowed.Sorry, that was petty. 

Don’t run your little potty mouth with others if you can’t handle the back lash. Cause oh honey you will get it.

You blocked me on every thing but still stalk me.

We used to be good friends but now we ain’t because you turned out to be a bigger bitch than me.

You use incorrect grammar and spellings persistently in formal situations. Did your parents not love you?

I want to stalk you but you are private. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

You are not yet over your ex and go on and on about them and constantly text them. That is harassment hun.

There are a million other seats on this public transport but you choose to sit with me, eat very loudly, force me to take out my headphones so you can chat absolute pure shite to me and then ask me personal questions. G’bye.

200 (6).gif

(also refer to my ‘How to piss me off’ post because piss me off and I will hate you)


Lets get into the subject of genders and the reasons as to why I hate both/most rather equally. 

I always wondered what it would be like to be a boy. They do not bitch, they always have the same group of friends, they always have great banter.

Well so I thought…

Girls are mean. I have never really been a fan of girls but I think that is down to the fact I was brought up surrounded by a male dominated family and our family friends have 3 boys similar to my age. Up until the age of 16, I was always one of them girls that was a girly girl but also enjoyed her sports. I had the best of both worlds but I do not know where I got my girly side from because when I was younger I always thought my mum was a dyke the way she dressed (sorry you’re a milf really).

Females tend to be competitive, catty, obnoxious and irritating. They back stab and are very sly with their moves when it comes to boys. You know he’s my boo, why you tryna move in on him for?

I do usually prefer a guys company. No, not for the sausage. I can look a mess in front of them and I won’t care because I don’t need to impress them and they don’t judge. Guys say what they mean, they like to have fun and have great banter. I do have the ‘ladish’ banter (to an extent, I am a woman still) and some girls are too emotional for that.

Trust me. There is drama with anyone.

Until recently most of my guy mates have just become arseholes which is why I make no effort with some of them. I know girls can be very nasty but guys are ruthless too. They bitch just as much as girls and the reason they don’t fall out with ‘their lads’ is because they don’t confront one another whereas girls like to put a stab to each others neck and bark why they are so annoyed with the said person. Guys are fun to go out with on nights out. Go out all comfy and not stuck with a bunch of girls checking they look ok every 2 mins and trying to find guys to buy them drinks. Can’t trust thots.

I can’t deal with those friends that send a text and if you don’t reply ASAP then you get a bollocking. Do one. I have a life other than responding to you. Also, can we stop talking about you. I get it your life is shit just take my advice the first time round and we would not have to be in this situation.

I have a select few girl and boy mates of whom are all individually different. Hanging around with people too similar to each other means there will be a lot of clashing. Yeah not today thanks. A lot of people I have had to step back from because they do not know how to balance friends, work, relationships etc and I see a lot of cheating going on and I don’t want to be apart of that scene…

200 (7).gif

Now leave me be to rot in my room with 10 packets of chocolate digestives and endless amounts of coffee. Just talking about you monsters is making me anxious and stressed.

Some would say I have an attitude. Nah. It is just who I am and I hate you for saying that. Sorry not sorry you fat twat.



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