Too many people just grind my gears so brb while I rant my frozen heart out.

1. No. Do not make out you know who I am. You only see what I want you to see on social media which also applys to many other people. Remember that.

2. Do not tell me I cannot post certain things. I’m confident with whatever I post whether that’s a blog post or pictures. I also know when to stop unlike some who just vent everything on Facebook. Do what I want ini.

3. Do not make plans with me then pie me for your boyfriend. You have seen him enough to spare a few hours for me. THESE HOES AINT LOYAL.

4. Do not ask me why I am single. I’m single for many reasons. Because boys send me crazy, because I don’t want to be tied down to one area when I want to move away and explore my abilities, because I do not want a relationship that’s shit as fuck, constantly arguing. No thank you. Just give me some attention now and then, please and thank you.

5. This is an obvious one cause who likes this??? Small lies that leak from someones deluded brain. Attention seeking ones are what make me see red. Why exaggerate your boring life just to be funny or to create drama? Yawn.

6. When you catch them out lying and they panic and switch the topic just to attack you with as many insults as possible that are all a load of bullshit or try to correct your grammar and spellings. That is one of the lowest forms of intelligence. Of course there will be spelling mistakes. IM TYPING SUPER FAST IN ANGER. AIN’T GOT THE TIME TO ABC SPELLCHECK.

7. Mums who constantly upload baby pics on facebook. We get what your baby looks like and does not look any different in that new baby grow you bought the alien. *unfriend*

8. When I can’t even get a text back but you have the time to like what I posted on social media???? Like whaaat, you have time to check your apps and like a picture of my ass before you can say ‘hey’ back…

9. …To carry on point 8- When I can’t even get a text back but there are little bitches jumping dicks and relationships weekly. SOMEONE GIVE ME ATTENTION THEN…

10. …and when I do get a text back and it’s blunt as fuck. (But I am a blunt person too lol tit for tat). Or if the reply took 6 hours to get back to me. What is more important than replying to me?!

11. Those girls in the club who think they are hard as fuck and push past really hard and look like they are having the worst night of their life. Yeah I will push you back for interrupting my groove. Go home.

12. Nearly everything about facebook. The pages, the status’ and the fucking friends suggestions list. What a dickhead of an analgorithm. People I may know? More like people I have been avoiding my whole life and do not care to know. Ooo 2 mutual friends, please introduce us. Ergh, why is the girl my ex is sleeping with coming up as a suggestion. I wanna fight her not befriend her.

13. …People who have to make a big deal out of their breakup by writing status’ and posting memes and quotes about their relationship. THEN get back together and look like a mug!! Then the whole breakup posts about how they got cheated on and how they are never going back there repeats but everyone knows they are going to get back together. Oh shock they do. Keep it private else you just look stupid. (or write a blog because people don’t have to read it if they don’t want to).

14.  Those people who have not worked a day in their life but somehow have more luxury than I do. Are you a drug dealer? A prostitute? A theif?? Or are your parents just mega push overs who cannot allow you to find independence?

15.  …Then claim that they worked hard for those fake tits they have on finance or that car they did not buy outright themselves. Good luck when you run out of the bank of mum and dad.

16. Dumb people who have no common sense and only believe in their views. Open your mind. Stop reducing you IQ levels even more.

17. Festival bindis and bandannas are not cool.

18. When I get told things about myself that I never knew before. Hmmmm interesting, do I have a clone that is spreading shit about me or is that just you being a fuck face.

19.  When you invite me to yours and don’t ask me if I want food or a drink. Chicken wings and a pint will do thanks.

20. When a guy I don’t speak to constantly asks to take me for a date and I begin to run out of excuses to say no in a nice way. Sorry I’m moving to Alaska, I can’t accept.

21. Girls just aggravate me. Life is not a competition. Stop that and be nice. But boys are just as bad with the bitching. Maybe I just don’t like most humans? Pass me a fluffy dog so it can cuddle me. Dogs can’t be mean. Oh wait, they can because I got bit on the face by a little fucker.

22. The word ‘Torbaydos.’ Torbay is pretty yes but what the fuck is the ‘dos’ about??? It’s not a sweatbox here. Won’t get a nice tan here. Can’t get real tasty Caribbean food here.

Yeah… Just read this over and I do get pissed off easily don’t I. Society is fucked.


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