I don’t know why I am writing this when all I do is attract fuckboys and immature sods but I still know the warning signs of a bad egg. So here is a handy list of the do’s and don’t when trying to find that one guy.

If you want to succeed in the dating game and win yourself a boyfriend then don’t be too clingy to begin with. If he does not reply straight away, what makes you think he will reply to you triple texts saying ‘hello???’ It is just not on. That is just annoying and I hate it when lads message me over and over until I reply and get huffy when I’m busy. He will reply when he can and if he doesn’t then hit up some other sex on legs. You really don’t want to come across as clingy and dependent. Give him a little mystery, let him do some chasing (but not too much as he might run too far away) and show him you have a busy and interesting life. You will look at your texts on regret when you have realised you have sent needy messages to a chill guy.


Don’t try to move on if you still miss your ex. Nothing is more off putting than talking to someone and all they do is bring up an old flame and constantly talk about them. One or two RELEVANT comments are okay but sharing your hatred for an ex on the first date is a no go. I would do a Usain and Bolt if I met someone who couldn’t shut their trap about an ex and didn’t talk about the important things (me). It is hard moving on and you will never 100% know if you are over someone. I thought I had moved on from a relationship that ended a year ago but I still ended up back at his a week ago reminiscing on the olden days and sharing how much we miss one another. I believe the feelings and attractions will always remain you just need to figure out if you still want them as a partner or not. I have ex’s that I know I never want to get back with but will always care. If you want to attract the right guy then make sure you know your ex will not bother your mind.

Hold out that urge you have to sleep with someone attractive. Sleeping with someone when you have met them once is not the greatest of ideas. It makes you look easy. Nothing is more attractive than a girl who holds out on sleeping with the guy. Playing hard to get makes you mysterious and makes them wonder what you will be like in bed. Plus both of you will be built up and will end up having steamy, hot sex. Fight it girl even if he is a hot fire fighter.

giphy (5)

My mantra to women is to look for a complement, not a clone. Greater happiness does not come from choosing a guy who is just like you. Two great ingredients do not necessarily taste good together. Lobster and caramel come to mind here.. You will practically be dating yourself, with a penis.

Give a guy something that he can’t get anywhere else. Something his friends can’t give, his work can’t give and what his hobbies cannot give. That is why he would want to date you because you add a unique element to his life. What I have noticed recently is that a lot of girls take pride in being a ‘psycho’ and they all think that this the new norm and that it is freaking hilarious. I am an angry, insecure person so I can’t really comment on this because I am known for my crazy ways. I have calmed down so much and I believe that this is what guys are going to looks for, someone who is different from the ones who kick a fuss about nothing daily. I’m sure it isn’t that hard to be laid back..

I guess we will see about that one…

Live your own life. Stay out of other people’s life. Nothing is more attractive than someone who lays low and focus’ on them self for the time being. Only deeply manipulative and insecure people want to be with someone with no interests or hobbies or friends etc because then they can have control. Would you rather have a man who does fun activities like sports or plays an instrument where you can join in or someone who sits and plays video games all day (yawn)? Now you have your answer you mind will be open to the realisation that you have probably been attracting al the wrong people because you have a boring life, no offence. He doesn’t have to like your activity to like you. If you do dance then cool, I am sure he will appreciate your flexibility and moves and support you and you will be considered fun.

Now I am going to consider my own points and find myself a boyfriend…



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