Jealousy’s the ugliest trait. WELL I MUST BE DAMN UGLY.


We are all guilty of it. People use the excuse ‘it’s because I care.’ No the real reason is because you are insecure, like me, but you shouldn’t be because he chose you! This overbearing behaviour is what will lead the happy couple on the fast track to heartbreak. It is such a hard habit to kick, believe me I have tried so many times.

DO NOT BECOME POSSESSIVE. There is a fine line between jealousy and being a possessive bunny boiler. Let your beau go out! He wants to see his friends but you want him to stay with you so your beautifully sculpted eyes are kept on him all the time as you are worried that he may be lying about his whereabouts or who he is with.

While he is out letting off some steam with the boys, don’t stay in getting hung up that you feel he has rejected you. Go out with the girls to take your mind off thinking of all the possible things your boyfriend could be doing with out being under your supervision. Couples do not need to be with each other 24/7! Even if you two have gone travelling you still need space else you will just get on top of each other and cause arguments. Just put that phone down girl and avoid harassing him. We all know you’re only doing it so you know he hasn’t the time to cheat. Just say ‘have a good night let me know when you’re home’ blah blah I love you and some gay bullshit. He will text you when he wants!

DO NOT CHECK UP. This is one habit I can’t shake off. Stalking their facebook, twitter and snapchat is wrong! I know people to have hacked their boo’s e-mails and social media which is even more wrong! This does not help the situation! This is what will just stress you out more, believe me. But for some reason this is a rut that everybody does, people just have different extremities of doing so.


Question: You’re on his facebook and find he’s made friends with a new girl you have never heard of before, what do you do? GO. Obviously you will stress and panic and think the worst. Then you over think it and begin sending nefarious messages to your beau who is in shock and slightly concerned for your well being.

Question: You’re on his facebook and find nothing has change, what do you do? GO. Again, you stress and panic that there is nothing posted about him or his whereabouts which concludes in you over thinking.

Best thing to do is KEEP BUSY!! This holds back the refreshing of his social page you probably do every 2 minutes. You don’t want to bombard him with these nasty texts which will most likely lead to a breakup if you do this all the time.

DO NOT BE INSECURE. I know it’s a typical comment but, he really is with you for a reason. All those bitches but he chose you. You are a sassy queen so prance around like one and feel strong, feel sexy cause you are girl.

It”s hard but do not show this weakness. You do not want him to know you don’t like some ‘slut’ because she liked his picture. He knows he’s winning. Yeah some jealousy slithering through your personality is good because it shows you care but don’t kick off over every little thing. I did and I lost my love. I just do not know how to trust and I never will now.

I wish I could take my own advice here. Maybe I wouldn’t be a single, constantly drunk, hot mess. But please believe his words. Don’t look for reasons to kick off and hate some hoes who are just having innocent fun.

Peace out xoxo



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